Research papers submitted to SPERMOVA journal are evaluated by the editors in consultation with the Editorial Board (national and international scientific). In the first instance, decisions on the suitability of work, are made before sending evaluators and usually take two to seven business days. Secondly, the evaluators decide on the suitability of evaluating work normally take no longer than five weeks.

Features of our policy are as follows:

  • All submitted research articles are subjected to immediate rapid screening by the editors, in consultation with the Editorial Board to ensure to be of the level of interest and importance appropriate for the journal.
  • Papers considered appropriate in principle for the journal are then sent to two referees (evaluators) who comments that are asked around whether the data are adequate to support the conclusions. At least one referee must qualify as publishable work, to continue the process. In the case of discrepancy between evaluators, it will be put into consideration a third evaluator. Any conflict between the evaluators and the authors of work, the editor has the final decision.
  • When the evaluators recommend that the document should be reviewed, with information, analysis or experimental data additional before making a decision. It is important to ensure that all comments are sent back to us in a communication.

Please, check carefully before answering. Corrections are the sole responsibility of the author.

Changes or corrections after acceptance of the article, is only with acceptance of the editor.

The editors of the SPERMOVA journal, will do our best to help you and get your article is published quickly and accurately